Funny Infant Body Suits


Describe custom words wanted on the body suit in the comments section during checkout or choose one of our already in stock designs!



What a great way to welcome a new sprout into the world! A little cuteness or a little humor we got you covered. Choose a stock saying or create a custom one here! If you choose a tie dye option, no 2 are identical as they are all hand made for you. All garments are 100% cotton.

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0-3mo, 3-6mo, 6-9mo, 12mo, 18mo, 24mo


Long, Short

White or Tie dye

White, Tie Dye

Color If Tie Dyed

rainbow, lime, yellow, green, pink, purple, orange, mermaid blue, warm color group(reds,pinks,orange,yellow), cool color group (greens, blues, purples)

Sayings Options

I Just Spent 9mo. On the Inside, Made in Vachina, Poop There it is (with cute poop Emoji), It's 5a.m. Somewhere, I Drool Green and Gold, Nap Hair Don't Care, Birth: Nailed It, L.M.D.O. (laughing my diaper off), Milk Connoisseur, I'm Spoiled because nobody will Spank Grandma, This is How I Roll, Rrrrrr….Means I love you in Dinosaur, Stud Muffin, Little Peanut, Locally Grown, Nobody Puts Baby In the Corner, I was Suppose to be a Back Rub, Not Allowed To Date…EVER, I'm Not Crying…I'm Ordering Dinner, I'm The Reason We're Late, Chubby, Bald, and, Sleep Is for the Weak, I Drink and I know Things, I Can't Walk, I'm a Mermaid, So EXTRA, Here I am! You Now Have Two More Wishes, I Woke Up This Way

Custom Words

Yes, No