BackPorch Trades

Handmade pieces by amazing local starving Artists.


I encourage everyone to support small businesses through this very difficult time of coronavirus. Jen at backporch trades has a website that enables everyone to order online! To me it really was backporch trades, I ordered some cute pillows and jen literally delivered them to my back porch!!!!

Jill beining

What an AWESOME place!! If you want cool stuff and and a GREAT experience, ya gotta get over here!! Thanks for the hospitality Jenn!!

Angila Hartzheim

Great place to shop for unique items and a very amazing owner and operator of this business, also will make a lot of specialty items.

Mickey Stachurski

I stopped into Back porch Trades for the first time during their 1 year anniversary party and was pleasantly surprised at the selection they had! I didn’t realize that this cute little shop (that I had thought was a flower shop originally) was actually full of a wide variety of great gift items (everything from bumper stickers and knitted hats/gloves to dog collars and jewelry. If you are looking for a unique, hand crafted gift I would highly recommend stopping in.

Shawna Ann

Fantastic store, excellent service, very creative items for sale. I highly recommend it.

Mark Jeffers

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504 London St.
Menasha, Wisconsin